By Practicing Yoga and Giving Up Sugar, Man can Sheds 21 Stone In Just 15 Months

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Three years ago, Jared weighed more than 36 stone but, while he knew he was severely overweight, he had never been prepared to commit to the change in lifestyle shifting it would take.

That was until a doctor told him that if he carried on this way that he was “going to die.”

“I’ve been fat my entire life,” Jared wrote in a blog entry at the beginning of his weight loss journey.

“Every day I have woken up heavier than I was the day before. It was a fact of life, and I accepted it.

“I didn’t want to be fat but I didn’t fight against it because I knew it would require a change in lifestyle.

“Today is different…I do care about how I feel and how I want to live.”

From then on, Jared drastically transformed his diet by cutting out all sweets and sugars and taking up DDP Yoga – a mix of cardio, yoga and traditional calisthenics.

He admits that it wasn’t an easy process, and recalls a time when he was barely able to get himself to the ground, let alone complete an entire yoga sesson.

But, determined to follow through with losing weight, he says the key was doing things at his own pace.

“When I got winded, I stopped to breathe, but let the video continue to play,” he confessed.

“I missed a few moves and joined back in when I could and didn’t worry about trying to catch up.

“I finished the video knowing that while I had not done everything as instructed, I had still made a major accomplishment.”

After just 15 months of following this exercise and diet regime, Jared managed to shed an incredible 21 stone.

Sharing his story in an inspirational video, Jared is visibly moved as he recites the early blog entry admitting that he forgot just how eye opening those first moments of his journey were.

And it’s refreshing to hear a story of someone transforming their body in a healthy way – by exercising and working out.


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