Nutella Chocolate Cookie Bars with Sea Salt

Chocolate Nutella Cookie Bars

Chocolate Nutella Cookie Bars with Sea Salt-chocolate cookie bars with dark chocolate chunks, a layer of Nutella, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Dessert perfection!

Friday is a very important day. It is World Nutella Day AND my birthday. You better believe we are celebrating. And I wanted to make sure you could celebrate with us, so I am sharing my recipe for Chocolate Nutella Cookie Bars with Sea Salt today so you have plenty of time to buy the ingredients and plan your cookie bar party! I don’t want any excuses, you HAVE to make these cookie bars.

I am obsessed with everything chocolate hazelnut, especially Nutella, so no wonder they chose to make my birthday World Nutella Day. I am so glad they were thinking of ME:)

Cookies are hands down my favorite dessert. We have over 200 cookie recipes on our site. Some might call me crazy, some might suggest cookie therapy, but I am just trying to make the world a better place with cookies! Cookies make everything better. And so for my birthday, we eat cookies!

Nutella stuffed sea salt chocolate chip cookies bar

This year, I am celebrating with Chocolate Nutella Cookie Bars with Sea Salt. These bars are EVERYTHING!

When I dreamt up the recipe in my head, I kind of figured they would be good. I am pretty much a cookie profesh, but I didn’t know they would be eat the whole pan by yourself good! Yep, they are the cookie bars you don’t want to share. The take the pan in the closet and cut square after square kind of good. I didn’t do that, our closet is way to small in our rental house, but I might have taken the pan into the bedroom and hid from the boys:)

The chocolate cookie bars are rich, fudgy and will remind you of a brownie, but in my opinion they are better because, duh, they are cookie bars! The bars are loaded with chocolate chunks and a layer of Nutella. I top them off with a sprinkle of sea salt, which is the perfect finishing touch!

Celebrate World Nutella Day and my birthday on Friday by indulging in these Chocolate Nutella Cookie Bars! They are soooooooo worth it! I might even top mine with a scoop of ice cream. Why not? It’s my birthday!

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