Over Corruption Scandal Argentina Top Prosecutor Resigns

gils carbo la voz

[JURIST] Argentina’s top prosecutor Alejandra Gils Carbo resigned [letter, in Spanish] on Monday amid accusations that she hindered investigations into the corruption scandal [JURIST report] surrounding officials from former-president Cristina Fernandez’s administration.

Current President Mauricio Macri accused Carbo of misusing her power by failing to bring corruption charges against officials from Fernandez’s administration. Macri began campaigning for reforms that would permit Carbo to be fired, which prompted her resignation.

Carbo is currently being investigating for corruption as well. Her resignation will become effective on December 31.

Although Macri is pushing for corruption charges to be brought against former officials, Argentine prosecutor Juan Pedro Zoni asked a court in February to investigate [JURIST report] Macri and other government officials over a deal the national government made with a company owned by Macri’s family.

Source: http://www.jurist.org